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Cogwind's Revenge is a game app for iPad patterned after True Dungeon. True Dungeon is a live action D&D adventure available at gaming conventions. In Cogwind's Revenge you will match wits with the gnome tinkerer Cogwind. You will need to outwit fiendish puzzles and defeat terrible foes in combat. The game comes with many modules of fun: Golembane, where you will combat Cogwind in his tower; Flight of the Zephyr, Lycan's Afoot, Moongate Maze and Battle the Giants to name a few. Gear up your characters after you complete each module. Draw treasure, buy packs of equipment with the gold you obtain, and run another adventure. Puzzle answers are randomized, so you can run the modules over and over for continued fun! Four different levels of difficulty are provided, but you better have some great gear before attempting the higher difficulties!
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