Welcome to Cogwind’s Revenge 3D!

Cogwind's Revenge is a 3D simulation of the game True Dungeon(TM).  True Dungeon(TM) is an immersive experience played at GameHole Con, Pax South and GenCon every year.  It is a live action version of D&D played with rules based on version 3.5.  A combination of challenging combat and fiendishly clever puzzles make the 2 hour adventure worth the price of admission.  This 3D simulation provides only a taste for the real thing, and if you enjoy it, please visit the True Dungeon website at www.truedungeon.com to find out how and where you can have the full, immersive experience!

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You may start right away with the adventure built into the basic game.  Default setups for token inventory and characters exist for each player, or you may create characters, including a Fighter, a Cleric, a Rogue and a Wizard. After creating your characters, or changing the name of existing characters, you must modify your party and select a difficulty level.

When you have completed your adventure, proceed to the Treasure Box to draw tokens representing your reward. After that, visit your treasure horde to see what you have, and use your accumulated gold to purchase random token packs for more gear.

Enjoy each adventure multiple times.  The answers to the puzzles change every time you play.

Opening Screen


Player Selection

  This screen allows you to have more than one set of tokens and characters in the game.  Activity by one player has no effect on other players.  Each has her own set of tokens.  Up to 10 different players are allowed on one device.

To activate a different player, simply touch the Select button next to your player name.  You may reset your player back to the original setup of token inventory and characters. You will need to touch the Reset button twice in order for the reset to occur.

You can change the name of a player, simply by touching the name and changing it.  By default the first player is selected after the game is installed.
Player Screen 

Character Generation

  Touch the ‘+’ to enter a new character.  Enter the name, select the name and touch ‘Done’.  You can edit a character by selecting the character and touch ‘+’.  You can change the name or class if you like.

To edit the tokens, touch the ‘i’ symbol to the right of the character you want to modify.

Touch the help for more information on Character Generation.
Note that the only tokens available to you are those presently in your Treasure Horde. Each installation starts out with basic gear for 4 characters, but you may return to this screen to modify and improve your characters as you accumulate treasure.
Statistics on the right show the capabilities of the presently selected character.
 Character Generation

Character Selection

  The Character Selection screen comes up at the start of any module.  You can select a specific character or leave them with the default settings.

This the place where the party is created. Touch the ‘Fighter’ button to bring up a list of all characters with Fighter as a class.  Roll through the list and select the one you wish to use.  Do the same for Cleric, Rogue and Wizard.  If they are already acceptable, no changes are needed.

Select the Difficulty Level.  Normal is balanced for characters with limited gear of the Common and Uncommon range. Hardcore is targeted for characters with Rare and a couple Ultra-Rare tokens.  Nightmare is targeted for characters with mostly Ultra-Rare tokens, and preferably 5th level.  The higher the difficulty, the better the treasure!
 Character Selection


  Each character performs an action in turn. Select the icon for the action to be taken by each character.  Only icons relevant to the character will show. If one of those icons cannot be performed, such as sneaking against creatures that can't be backstabbed, it will be greyed.

For spells, potions, scrolls and ammunition, a popup will be displayed showing the available options.  Select it and touch the button.

For melee or missile attacks, select the icon, and slide your finger to slide the puck.  Start with your finger just off the screen, and move in a smooth motion from left to right.  Once your finger passes the white line, the puck will move on its own.  Pucks can interact with each other, and be careful not to use too much force - if the puck hits the backstop, it disappears and does no damage! The highest number that the puck touches will be added to the to-hit adjustment for the character to see if you hit. Damage will depend on the rotation of the wheel (random) and character statistics.

Last one with hit points wins. After the monster is dead, you may take extra turns to heal.
 Combat Board

Treasure Box

  Every rogue box you successfully complete and every puzzle you successfully complete, earns a treasure token.  If you have gear equipped, like the Ultra-Rare Ring of Riches, you gain extra treasure tokens, if you successfully complete 4 rooms and at least one character survives through all 7 rooms.  You also receive 100 gp as a reward for taking on the dungeon.

The type of Treasure Token you win, depends on the difficulty level set before you entered the dungeon.  The higher the difficulty, the better the treasure!

Toggle the switch to indicate which level of treasure draw you wish to make.  Touch the box, which will decrement the number of Treasure Tokens, and present you with your loot.  On Normal Difficulty, treasure is mainly common or uncommon, with a 1/100 chance of an ultra-rare.  For Hardcore, you'll get uncommons and rares, with a 1/20 chance of an Ultra-rare.  On nightmare, treasure consists of rares and a 1/10 chance of an Ultra-rare.

Treasure Horde  


On this screen you can see all the tokens in your inventory, along with how many extra you have accumulated.  You may sell extra tokens or tokens you no longer wish to use back to the 'store' and get gold to spend on other token packs. 

You may limit the list by token rarity, to make it easier to find a specific token.  Remember that you will want multiple tokens for potions, scrolls and ammunition, because they are 'one use' items.  Each time you use a potion, scroll or ammunition, your inventory will be reduced by one.

Standard token packs have primarily common and uncommon tokens, but have a 5% chance of including a Rare. Superior Packs are made up of uncommon and rare tokens, with a 5% chance for an ultra-rare.  Expert packs have a 10% chance for each token to be an ultra-rare.

Use your gold to buy the lesser packs or save your gold for the better packs.

Two Legendary Tokens are available for purchase.  Either of these tokens, when equipped, allow your character to play at 5th level. 

 Treasure Horde